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Women's Health

Women's health issues include a wide cross-section of medical problems which have significantly impaired their social, personal and business lives. This is especially relevant to menstrual conditions (like pain and abnormal bleeding); as well as Uterine Fibroids. These conditions affect over one third of females in most societies; generally resulting in discomfort, bloating and in some cases of Fibroids, an unsightly belly bulge. The conventional treatment of these conditions is often unsuccessful and expensive as it generally involves surgery and drugs that may have terrible side effects.


Immuno Venture Products Ltd has performed clinical studies through a joint pharmacy program to research a natural way of controlling and reversing these conditions. The result of the research has shown that supplementation with the Immuno-gizer Stem Cell product will stop abnormal pain and bleeding. Research done at the Sabbatical Diet Wellness Clinic has shown that continuous use of the Immuno-gizer Stem Cell product, reduces and reverses Uterine Fibroids as supported by ultrasound studies.

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