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The Sabbatical Diet Lifestyle

The Sabbatical Diet Lifestyle was based on two ancient Biblical practices. The first being that the body and mind function in 7-day cycles; 6 days of activity and 1 day of rest (Sabbath). The second suggest that the internal functions of the body can be regulated and enhanced by eating appropriately sized meals in a timely fashion. 

From those roots a Simple, Affordable, Non-Restrictive diet and Balanced Lifestyle was born. This lifestyle is greatly enhanced by the use of Immuno-gizer products. This is  because the intrinsic regulating and enhancing properties of modern foods are hindered by many of the food additives and preservative chemicals we use today. Immuno-gizer products combat these negative effects.

There are four key components to enjoying and reaping the benefits of what we refer to as The Sabbatical Diet Lifestyle (Sab-Life) for healthy living.

Rest and Fast

This component involves designating the same day out of each week when you fast and avoid moderate to strenuous activity; including exercise. This allows your body to enter a state of catabolism; which means your body will start to remove damaged and old cells.


The entire Sabbatical Diet Lifestyle pivots around this componentThe fast should last anywhere between 12 - 24 hrs. 

Take the time to relax or meditate. Treat yourself to a spa, enjoy some reading; just do not over-exert yourself.

Comp 1

Heavy Breakfast

There should always be a space of 6 activity days between each "Rest and Fast day". On these 6 days you should eat a calorie dense breakfast largely composed of carbohydrates before 10 a.m. ideally but at least before 12 noon. 

On these 6 days your body will

enter a state of anabolism,

which means your body will start

to build new cells and repair

damaged cells that were not

removed. It takes far more time

to build than to destroy.

This FREE E-BOOK will help you to customize

components one (1) and two (2) to your new Diet Lifestyle.

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Comp 2
Comp 3

Weight Loss

It is a widely known fact that regular exercise improves mental and physical performance; and that many diseases are linked to being overweight or obese.

We recommend exercising 2 - 3 times a week for those with fairly sedentary lives e.g. desk jobs. Remember SabDiet-Lifers do not exercise on their "Rest and Fast Day".

For those who are overweight, we Recommend seeing our Weight Loss Page. For those who are obese we recommend contacting The Sabbatical Diet Wellness Clinic to have a health assessment done by Dr. Robert Robinson (The Founder) and be placed on a customized Sabbatical Diet Lifestyle Plan that fits your unique needs.

Comp 4

Anti-microbials and pre-biotic imbalances are the culprits of many inflammatory diseases like Arthritis, Cancer and Asthma to name a few. Much of the food we eat does not provide our microbes with enough nutrients to maintain a healthy balance. Immuno-gizer products provide the lacking nutrients to restore microbial balance.


Mineral Deficiencies are common in our modern society due to overuse of farm lands and food processing. These deficiencies result in poor cell healing and accelerated aging due to the body being unable to efficiently remove destructive molecules; known as free radicals. Immuno-gizer products are appropriately supplemented to meet these mineral deficiencies; thereby bringing restoration to the body.

You are free to choose any of our Immuno-gizer products using our Products and Testimonies page (coming soon). We still recommend contacting The Sabbatical Diet Wellness Clinic to have a health assessment done and help you choose the best Immuno-gizer product for your new Sabbatical Diet Lifestyle (SabDiet-Life).

Preventing Disease

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