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3 Steps to Healthy Living

Below are the details of how to apply The Sabbatical Diet Lifestyle concept to your life in 3 straight-forward and easy steps. 


Rest and Fast Day (Weekly)


Choose one day of the week to fast and keep that day consistent each week. There should be no strenuous activity on this day.

The fast starts at 12 midnight and ends at 12 noon (12 hour fast) or 12 midnight (24 hour fast).


Proper Breakfast

Eat a proper breakfast six (6) mornings of the week. By a proper breakfast, we mean eating sufficient calories to meet your height and activity level. This plate illustrates the proportions your breakfast should have. 

If you choose to exercise, it must be on one of these six days.



Take the appropriate Immuo-Gizer product everyday as directed; 1 tsp before breakfast and  1 tsp before lunch or dinner depending on which meal is heavier.

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