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We at IVP have maintained our own logistics team to commercial areas island wide and now from conception and will now be offering door-to-door deliveries to the surrounding residents during our normal routes; this allows us to offer you 100% free delivery. Apply to orders of 3 products or more, single purchases can be done from pharmacies island wide.

We will be in the following areas monthly, starting from the first work day of the month through to Friday each week:
monthly routes_edited.jpg
When you place an order we assign it based on your location to our next visit to that area. We will at times schedule you earlier if you are within a 5 mile radius of any point in our journey, so long as the maximum number of stops for that day has not been reached.

Our customer representative will contact you to confirm and let you know your delivery date.

On the day of delivery our distribution representative will call to let you know they are on their way. Your orders can be re-scheduled by the logistics team once after which your order will be cancelled if not delivered.

Payment is by cash on delivery. We will offer other payment options in time.



•    Receive advance notice of our next visit to your area
•    Be among the 1st to catch "limited time only" deals
•    Receive customer support
•    Place orders directly from WhatsApp without having to visit the site.

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