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Covid-19 originated in China

Over 35,000 deaths

March 30th 2020

Patients must be quarantined

No vaccine yet developed



Pre-biotics shown to improve

immune response

Immuno-gizer contains dismutation catalysts and pre-biotics

The virus invades through the mucous membranes

The virus is released into the blood and attack other organs

The Kidney mass is designed with a special protein called Metallothionein that has an oxidative electrocatalytic system that uses dismutation catalysts normally present in natural water. These dismutation catalysts are no longer present in water, due to water pollution and water treatment processes.

A healthy kidney will filter and destroy viruses in the blood.

Key minerals the kidney uses to filter viruses is not present because of polluted water.

Immuno-gizer returns the key dismutation catalysts to kidney

White cells can mop up infected human cells.

What are viruses?


Viruses are tiny infectious, parasitic short chain

proteins that are incapable of replication or survival 

outside living host cell or body. 

Every year, millions of persons around

the globe fall sick and some die from some
form of viral infections.

How viruses attack the body?

Often virus (eg Dengue) in humans often enter the body

through the blood stream i.e. through mosquito sting or other

blood sucking insects. However, most contagion is caused by

human to human transmission. Respiratory viruses, such as

Influenza (flu) or Corona virus are transmitted via entry through

mucous membranes such as, eyes, mouth, nose, ears.

When viruses enters the body, they try to enter the human cells.

If the immune system response is weak, the body will not be

able to destroy these compromised cells efficiently.

Once inside the cell, the virus will seek to reproduce inside by

hijacking the cells own replication mechanisms. Viruses cannot survive 

for more than a few minutes outside the cell.


When a virus is able to replicate within the human cell, it eventually bursts the cells, releasing its replicated RNA or DNA into the blood stream through which it migrates to infect other cells or organs of the body.



Two conventional treatment options

to viral threat


The intent of vaccination is to alert/prepare the immune

system to prepare for a full blown viral attack.


The vaccination process involves exposing the

immune system to some weakened form of the viral agent.

Vaccines may consist of:

a. Agents that have reduced ability to infect the patient

b. Dead viruses

c. Substances that stimulate production of antibodies

For example, in the case of Influenza (common flu) prevention,

it is generally recommended that all persons receive a flu vaccine every flu season, (once every year).


Antivirals are designed to interrupt the viruses' ability to successfully replicate by supplying incorrect DNA sequencing material which the virus incorporates into its DNA structure. This renders the virus neutered - ineffective.


Immuno-gizer success with viral infection


IMMUNO-GIZER products have demonstrably reduced the impact of viral infection in infected patients by reducing the symptomatic load and reducing time to recovery. Below are two sets of sample patients, in the clinic environment, diagnosed with Dengue fever and HIV virus:



Dengue is a common tropical disease that is caused by

viral infection and is transmitted by mosquito sting.



Typically begin three to fourteen days after infection. These

may include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and

joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash. Recovery generally

takes two to seven days.



When the virus is injected into the blood stream of the host, the virus cannot survive for long outside the cell, in the blood stream and must find a cell to incubate generally within a few minutes. Once inside the cell, the virus may have the opportunity to hijack, replicate and eventually infect other cell tissue. 



Dengue can develop into hemorrhagic fever as the virus compromises the bodies ability to form blood platelets (blood clots) resulting in internal bleeding and possibly dangerously low blood pressure.



Dengue Fever outbreak 2019



Several patients who are on Immuno-gizer have been reporting positive experiences with Immuno-gizer Stemcell in Jamaican clinic environments:



1. Two patients, using Immuno-gizer, confirm reduced impact from

Dengue fever at doctor's office in Portmore, St. Catherine.

2. Patient with Hemorrhagic Dengue who started Immuno-gizer

reports that blood tests show increased platelet count two days

after starting Immuno-gizer. 

3. Medical clinic in Kingston: Patient who recently started

Immuno-gizer reported that his entire household had contracted

the Dengue fever virus. He has no symptoms of Dengue fever to





Five AIDS patients, were treated with anti-retro-viral drugs had relapse of symptoms in September, 2004 despite compliance with  treatment.

Symptoms included skin, diarrhea and skin lesions









All symptoms resolved after 2 weeks of Immuno-gizer supplementation. All patients CD4 count increased after 3 months supplementation with Immuno-gizer.

(Courtesy of Dr. William Brown, Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica)


*CD4 count (T-Cell) is a measure of the activity of the HIV virus. The lower the CD4 count, the more compromised the immune system is said to be as the HIV virus reduces T-Cells count. A CD4 count below 200 provides a basis for HIV diagnosis.





Novel Corna-virus (Covid-19)

Covid-19 is part of the Corona virus family of viruses that include SARS and MERS viruses. It is a highly contagious species of Corona virus though reportedly not as lethal as, for eg the SARS virus. The virus primarily attacks the lungs of its victims. Covid-19 like all other viral infections, attack the cell membranes and enters where it hijacks the cells resources to reproduce DNA copies of itself. The virus then exits the cell, through an explosive

breach of the cell membrane as newly replicated viruses. After this it may enters other cells to repeat the same.


Covid-19 produces flu like symptoms of respiratory


  • Coughs

  • Fever

  • Shortness of breath

  • (not runny nose or mucous)

Conventional prevention/ treatment guidelines:

Covid-19 is a novel disease. While it is believed that treatment regimen recommended for SARS could be an effective option, no vaccines or anti-virals have yet been developed to combat the infection.

It is recommended that the population practice preventative measures such as:


  • Washing hands

  • Avoid direct contact with public surfaces

  • Disinfect surfaces with 70% alcohol

  • Use glove/s

  • Wear face masks, personal protection (if you are infected)

  • Discard face masks and other protective gear, on which the virus can collect, regularly.

  • Preserve distance of at least 4 - 6 feet between persons

  • Avoid touching your face with your hands

  • Minimize public gatherings

How can Immuno-gizer reduce the threat and impact of Corona-virus (Covid-19)?

Immuno-gizer products have two key ways to prevent or respond to Covid-19 threat.

AN ONCE OF PREVENTION - BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM                                    


It is now already understood that patient with weak immune systems are at

highest risk of contracting the disease and experiencing additional

complications and even fatality.


Immuno-gizer boosts the Immune system by providing key nutrients to

beneficial bacteria that populate the colon and other areas of the digestive

system. These bacteria play a critical role in supporting the bodies 

immune defense. ​ An improved immune response will ensure more

efficient response to the viral threat, destroying cells that have been

compromised by the virus in the body more efficiently. 


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Immuno-gizer products contain key minerals and elements which support the kidneys ELECTRO OXIDATIVE 

CATALYTIC (EOC) field which functions to filter (neutralize) viruses by oxidation.


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Immuno-gizer products are designed to boost your immune system by nourishing beneficial, immuno active bacteria in your digestive system. Simultaneously, it also improves kidney function which is central to reducing viral overload.

To keep Corona-Virus at bay, make  Immuno-gizer Stem-cell food supplement

apart of your daily dietary intake.

1 teaspoon with breakfast meals

1 teaspoon with your other major meal of the 

day every day.