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5 Easy Steps to Weight Loss

The Fat Lock Phenomena

Have you noticed that despite dieting and exercising it is getting harder and harder to lose weight and keep it off?

Well this is because your body is activating the FAT LOCK SYSTEMS. The body has four systems designed to increase fat production and reduce the burning of fat if you are not consuming food in the right pattern.

Why does fat locking occur?

Your body calculates your food intake by assessing how many carbohydrate calories you consume in the mornings, before 12 noon. If your carbohydrate calories are consistently low e.g. low carb diet or restricted intake, the fat lock systems are activated in order to protect you from this apparent starvation.

Proper Breakfast

Eat a proper breakfast six (6) mornings of the

week. By a proper breakfast, we mean eating sufficient calories to meet your height and activity level. This plate illustrates the proportions your breakfast should have. 

If you choose to exercise, it must be on one of these six days.


Supplement with Kelp

Take 1 - 2 capsules, 3 times daily.

(1 capsule = 600 mg)

Rest and Fast Day (Weekly)


Choose one day of the week to fast and keep that day consistent each week. There should be no strenuous activity on this day.

The fast starts at 12 midnight and ends at 12 noon (12 hour fast) or 12 midnight (24 hour fast).



Take Immuno-gizer Fat Reducer, 1 teaspoon twice daily

with meals and 2 teaspoons at bedtime.



Drink one cup of Green tea on the fasting mornings.

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